Tembea Bags

TEMBEA, meaning "to wander" in Swahili, is a Japanese bag brand which handcrafts beautiful minimalistic products designed to carry baguettes, books, CD's, clothes and even newspapers.

Treating their canvas with paraffin wax they are able to produce a stronger waterproof ability through their sturdier than average canvas products.

Although their canvas may feel a little stiff at first, this versatile material will gradually soften with use adding an element of personal expression as each item blends to the movement of it's owner. Thus embracing the Japanese concept of 'Wabi Sabi'.

At this moment in time we exclusively sell these in England, so if you want a really individual everyday item that very few people have their hands on look no further than a TEMBEA bag.

  • TEMBEA originated when the owner purchased a baguette in a bakery and didn't have a bag to fit the purpose, the first tote created was the "baguette tote".
  • The bags are meant to adapt and change with the user, getting better with age.
  • Made from cotton canvas, they're subjected to a special paraffin wax that makes them better in wet and everyday conditions.
  • Coming Soon ...