Mitsuru Maeda

Born in Tokyo, Japanese craftsman Mitsuru Maeda has been manipulating wood for over 15 years. After working at two different workshops during his career he took the jump and started his own workshop in Toyko, where he still makes and resides to this day.

In his tableware he often combines the craft of woodturning on a lathe with decorative hand carving, always finishing his work in a protective oil finish that give his products a long life span. The Japanese put great emphasis on the everyday objects around them, and after owning a product made by Mitsuru we believe you will too.

  • All made at Mitsuru Maeda's workshop in Tokyo.
  • A combination of woodturning on a lathe and decorative hand carving.
  • Mitsuru looks to make everyday objects out of natural materials.
  • Coming Soon ...