Matthias Kaiser

Matthias Kaiser is an Austrian Potter who's style focuses on simplicity and functionality. He studied at Parsons school of design in NY and at Vienna's university of applied arts, he then apprenticed with two Japanese master potters in Seto and Karatasu. You'll now find Matthias making pots at his studio in Vienna, Austria.

Overall, Matthias likes to reveal and not hide any of the little marks or details that get left behind, subtracting industrial processes as far as possible from the refinement of raw materials and totally from manufacture. The finished pieces retain a natural look to them, which aren't necessarily uniform in both shape and finish. I often link Matthias' work to the word wabi-sabi in Japanese, the characteristics being asymmetry, roughness or irregularity, simplicity, intimacy, and the appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes.

  • All made at Matthias Kaiser's workshop in Vienna, Austria.
  • Apprenticed with two Japanese master potters in Seto and Karatsu.
  • Matthias focuses on the inherent qualities of the material, trying to reveal, not hide, what is there and has been done.
  • Coming Soon ...