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Tableware and accessories from Hornvarefabrikken are made in their workshop in Bøvlingbjerg, Denmark using methods that have been tried and tested for more than 200 years. Hornvarefabrikken – The Hornware Factory – all started between 1807 and 1814 when during the Penisular War a man named Knud Høj from Nees Parish was captured in England. While he was a prisoner of war he learned the art of making spoons out of horn. When he returned to his native country he started a small production of hornware.

One of the people who took up horn working was Hans Husted, he passed on the craft to his son, Peder Husted, who was born in Bøvlingbjerg. In 1931 Peder expanded the business with shoehorns and mustard spoons made to order, the foundation for Hornvarefabrikken had been laid.

  • Established in 1935
  • Handcrafted in Bøvlingbjerg.
  • The only company in Denmark producing arts and crafts made out of cow horn.
  • Hornvarefabrikken a.k.a. The Hornware Factory