Fujii Works

Fujii Works is a small family collective consisting of husband and wife team Kenichi and Minako Fujii, who create lacquer ware from their studio in Hyōgo Prefecture. Urushi refers to the sap of the Urushi tree that is native to Japan and a handful of other far eastern countries. Once the urushi sap has been removed from the tree, it has to undergo a period of ageing for 3 to 5 years. When mature it's applied in thin coats to a vessel, hardening and providing a protective layer that can, if cared for properly, last an entire lifetime.

Kenichi hand turns each vessel on a lathe before his wife Minako treats the object with the lacquer solution. Every item Fujii works create takes craft to the point of artistry in our opinion, with each the result of years of dedication in this age old technique.

  • Established in 1935
  • Handcrafted in Bøvlingbjerg.
  • The only company in Denmark producing arts and crafts made out of cow horn.
  • Hornvarefabrikken a.k.a. The Hornware Factory